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About Me

My enthusiasm for aromatherapy began when my daughter was a newborn and I struggled with postpartum depression. A dear friend gave me a calming essential oil blend to help us get some much needed rest. I was immediately delighted by how at ease that blend made me feel.  In my typical fashion, I obsessively collected bottles of oils to further experiment with what they could do.  After experiencing an elevated mood, deeper rest, relief from chronic digestive issues, and return of my former vibrancy, I decided to dive deeper into the science behind these precious oils. 


When my daughter was two months old, I enrolled at the American College of Healthcare Sciences to work towards my certification in Aromatherapy.  I spent a year and a half engaged in rigorous study, typically with a sleeping baby in one arm and notepad in the other.  After completing my certification, I then furthered my studies into the mental health field.  My offerings are a blend of my passion for psychology, holistic wellness, and the intuitive art & science of aromatherapy.


My training:

  • National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Level II Professional Aromatherapist

  • Certificate in Aromatherapy from The American College of Healthcare Sciences

  • Aromas and The Mind Certification (in progress)

  • Aromatics, Trauma, and Resiliency Certificate

  • Aromatics and Grief Certificate

Clients Say

"Valentina’s skills as an aromatherapy practitioner are exceptional. She takes a functional and holistic approach to helping her clients improve their mental, physical and spiritual health by carefully reviewing and understanding their needs and tailoring a selection of oils that help you achieve your goals. I can not recommend her more highly.  She’s calming, caring and just a pleasure to work with."

Danielle Linder, Author, Educator, & Entrepreneur 

Close Up of Pink Roses

What is it like to work with an aromatherapist?

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice, originating from the worldwide tradition of herbal medicine. Early crude extractions of aromatic oils were considered precious substances used in Egyptian embalming practices and sacred religious rituals.  Not only for spiritual practice, these sensual aromas were blended into luxurious perfumes to be used by the wealthy and royal.  The use of essential oils has spanned thousands of years into the modern medical field, where they're now researched and categorized by therapeutic chemical components.  As a certified aromatherapist, I'm trained to work with essential oils on physical, emotional, and subtle/energetic levels while preserving the rich history of these precious plants.

My approach is highly individualized.  During each private session we dive into the root of your issue - encompassing your past and present, personal tastes, emotional traumas, stress level, and wellness goals.  My intention is to formulate a signature blend that awakens your inner vitality and inspires transformation.   Each formula is crafted with intuition paired with a strong foundation in essential oil chemistry and scientific research.  Aromatherapy is a powerful, proven tool that supports you on your healing journey.  

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” 

- Anais Nin


Flemington, NJ


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